I would recommend them to anyone wishing to contract consultants who are efficient, timely and flexible and have a strong work ethic... read more >>
Kathy Grace, Service Development Manager for the Ministry of Health.


I am appreciative of the high quality of work you have produced... read more >>
Joseph Gallagher, Executive Manager, First Nations Health Council


Thanks for the wonderful, clear and useful presentation. I think you and your team have done a really excellent job! Thank you for doing such a great job in such a short space of time”... read more >>
Deborah Schwartz, Executive Director, Aboriginal Health

“Maori health care workers [such as Kāhui Tautoko Consultants] have a longer history of coordinated reform in primary health care; we as Aboriginal health care workers, have much to learn from them” read more >>
Dr Evan Adams, Aboriginal Health Physician

Cultural Responsiveness Print E-mail

Babin_Chief_GWe have often helped community organisations and Government agencies with their cultural responsiveness, assisting them to write Maori Health Plans or Pacific Plans or indigenous Strategies. We also help organisations consult on these documents. Some of these plans and strategies are done on an individual organisation level, some regional and some national – it depends on the clients needs.

We can assist organisations with training, mentoring and guidance in implementing Cultural Responsiveness Plans, including writing Implementation Plans.