I would recommend them to anyone wishing to contract consultants who are efficient, timely and flexible and have a strong work ethic... read more >>
Kathy Grace, Service Development Manager for the Ministry of Health.


I am appreciative of the high quality of work you have produced... read more >>
Joseph Gallagher, Executive Manager, First Nations Health Council


Thanks for the wonderful, clear and useful presentation. I think you and your team have done a really excellent job! Thank you for doing such a great job in such a short space of time”... read more >>
Deborah Schwartz, Executive Director, Aboriginal Health

“Maori health care workers [such as Kāhui Tautoko Consultants] have a longer history of coordinated reform in primary health care; we as Aboriginal health care workers, have much to learn from them” read more >>
Dr Evan Adams, Aboriginal Health Physician

Facilitation and Consultation Print E-mail

photo-4We facilitate focus groups, staff groups, gatherings or other forums requested by clients in pursuit of a particular outcome e.g. strategic planning. We also facilitate organisations through change management processes.

We organise and conduct consultation exercises for any clients on an idea, proposal, plan or strategy that needs wider input or feedback. Sometimes we have been the writers of a draft report and sometimes the agency or organisation itself has written the plan and needs someone to manage the consultation process. We can organise everything from venues, speakers, elders, travel, koha, minutes and reports, and the summary report of the consultation exercise.