I would recommend them to anyone wishing to contract consultants who are efficient, timely and flexible and have a strong work ethic... read more >>
Kathy Grace, Service Development Manager for the Ministry of Health.


I am appreciative of the high quality of work you have produced... read more >>
Joseph Gallagher, Executive Manager, First Nations Health Council


Thanks for the wonderful, clear and useful presentation. I think you and your team have done a really excellent job! Thank you for doing such a great job in such a short space of time”... read more >>
Deborah Schwartz, Executive Director, Aboriginal Health

“Maori health care workers [such as Kāhui Tautoko Consultants] have a longer history of coordinated reform in primary health care; we as Aboriginal health care workers, have much to learn from them” read more >>
Dr Evan Adams, Aboriginal Health Physician

Organisation Development Print E-mail

This is our core business and generally we help with capacity building at an organisational level. Our belief is that strong, competent accountable organisations (whether they are Government agencies or community based organisations) who work with and in First Nation communities, will help build strong communities themselves. Photo-2-Manuals-pictures-011Communities are influenced so much by the organisations and agencies that work with and within them – that they must be strong in order to effect positive change in the social sector.

We are happy to deal with the subject at an individual or community group level as well. Our method of capacity building encompasses one or more of the following organisational dimensions:

  • Governance - Trustees, meetings, decisions, roles and responsibilities, training, policies
  • Management – mentoring, training, performance management, management of change
  • Planning – strategic planning, business planning, quality planning, annual reporting
  • Human Resource management - including reviewing staffing, remuneration levels, performance management, employment arrangements
  • Information technology and information systems - including reviewing current systems and managing implementation of new systems
  • Financial management - including implementing the Quickbooks software package, financial policies and processes, training, audits
  • Facility management - including OSH, Civil Defence plans etc
  • Quality assurance - including implementing quality management systems (e.g. ISO 9001, Health Standards or other standards)

At times, clients will want help with just one of these areas and at other times, clients may want us to review all these aspects of their operation, and then to help them improve their current status. We are flexible on any of this and have the tools and experience necessary to help clients improve their performance in these aspects of the organisation. We can:

  • Review an organisation against one or more of these areas
  • Help the organisation to make necessary improvements in one or more of the areas
  • Provide tools and examples and training for an organisation
  • Help write Strategic Plans and Annual Reports and publish these
  • Help put together Policy and Procedure manuals from our set of templates and examples. We have developed procedure manuals for organisations of all types including health providers, Tribal Radio Stations, Tribal entities, Kohanga Reo (language nests), Training providers. We have also helped a number of groups to become accredited against a variety of standards that they are required to meet – this is a particular specialty for us. If you need to be accredited, or need to meet some national standards, we can help you.