I would recommend them to anyone wishing to contract consultants who are efficient, timely and flexible and have a strong work ethic... read more >>
Kathy Grace, Service Development Manager for the Ministry of Health.


I am appreciative of the high quality of work you have produced... read more >>
Joseph Gallagher, Executive Manager, First Nations Health Council


Thanks for the wonderful, clear and useful presentation. I think you and your team have done a really excellent job! Thank you for doing such a great job in such a short space of time”... read more >>
Deborah Schwartz, Executive Director, Aboriginal Health

“Maori health care workers [such as Kāhui Tautoko Consultants] have a longer history of coordinated reform in primary health care; we as Aboriginal health care workers, have much to learn from them” read more >>
Dr Evan Adams, Aboriginal Health Physician

Reviews, Audits and Evaluations Print E-mail

Both Directors are qualified auditors and we conduct audits for various agencies. Most of these are contract compliance audits or audits against a particular set of standards. We conduct pre-audit reviews for some organisations who are about to be audited to help them prepare for their formal audit.

We also undertake reviews for organisations – these reviews may be of organisations, services or a particular function or they may be local, regional or national. For instance we conducted the review of health services in NZ Prisons; we have conducted several reviews of Maori organisations wanting to improve their overall performance (see Organisation Development above) and we have conducted reviews of particular services in a particular region. We have also conducted Viability Assessments of Maori organisations prior to them being considered for a significantly funded photo-7Government initiative.

We have and do conduct a number of evaluations of different programmes, organisations and services. We have conducted formative, process, impact and resource evaluations for various clients.

These involve a range of activities including:

  • quantitative analysis
  • qualitative analysis
  • demographic analysis
  • focus groups
  • interviews and surveys

Our ability to undertake a wide array of reviews across both sector and geographic boundaries is a key strength of our organisation as we have a broad knowledge across the social sector.